• Qaaim Goodwin

    Qaaim Goodwin

    Co-Founder/Owner of @luxgoodcreative . Designer/Developer/Father. Don't hesitate to drop a line if you have questions or anything.

  • Steven Soshea

    Steven Soshea

    creative director/designer, husband: interested in design, web, art, architecture, technology, business, sustainability, philosophy, and spirituality

  • Kanayama Makoto

    Kanayama Makoto

  • Richard Hammond

    Richard Hammond

  • Aron Jean

    Aron Jean

    Oh, hi there! I’m Aron! I’m an illustrator, designer, and storyboard artist. I work for Disney, and I’m on a mission to build a time machine — and draw stuff.

  • Cris


  • Michelle Matthews

    Michelle Matthews

  • Rik Catlow

    Rik Catlow

    Mobile UX Designer

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