Maybe it’s the Trump effect but the GOP has now become the “look at me! Look at me!” party on Capitol Hill.

On one end- an administration’s botched evacuation, grasping at straws in the final hours & on the other the administration who set it all in motion now casting doubt on the people who risked their lives to help us the last 20 yrs.

Despite the Taliban saying “they’ve changed” it’s likely back to the stone age for women left in Afghanistan from this week forward.

Climate’s Fuel To The Fire

Another cartoon about Wall Street manipulating & corrupting the American dream of owning a home in order to line their own pockets. If they ain’t gonna live in the house why are they allowed to out bid people who are. Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of “Home Ownership” in America?

That’s Not Who I am

FM Hansen

Editorial Cartoonist —

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